Invited Lecturers

  • Michel Leschziner     home page
    Imperial College of London, UK 

On the physics of streamwise friction-drag reduction by spanwise oscillatory wall motion - insight derived from turbulence simulations

  • Bernard Geurts           home page
    University of Twente ICTR, NL

Reliability issues in large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow

  • Zvi Rusak            home page
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY,

Swirl-Stabilized Combustion

  • Cameron Tropea        home page
    University of  Darmstadt, Germany

Unsteady Aerodynamics - Flapping Flight

  • Francois Feuillebois    home page
    LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France

Motion of particles in a viscous fluid near a slip wall

  • Markus Raffel      home page
    DLR,  Goettingen, Germany


  • Bernd R. Noack       home page
    Pprime-CNRS, Poitiers, France

Closed-loop turbulence control based on reduced-order models

  • Gilead Tadmor      home page
    Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Broad band low order galerkin models on nonlinear manifolds: a review

  • Laurent Cordier       home page
    Pprime-CNRS, Poitiers, France

POD based Reduced Order Modelling of a compressible forced cavity flow

  • George N. Barakos   home page
    University of Liverpool, England

Fluid mechanics of the flow around a helicopter

  • Piotr Smolarkiewicz    home page
    NCAR, Colorado, USA

Modeling atmospheric circulations with high-resolution methods

  • Konrad Bajer     home page
    University of Warsaw, Poland

Classical view of quantum fluid